Sunday, December 10, 2017

Donald Trump chosen as personality of the year 2017... Are you kidding me???

Today, I’ve decided to write in English, hoping that this message reaches more people than usual so… here it goes!!!
With so many interesting and great people in this World, doing so great things, in so many areas, including politics, I wonder if no one else deserved to be chosen??? 

What the hell are the factors that really matter, so a personality like Trump is chosen???

I think I know…

  • He uses Twitter to communicate with the World… Pure innovation...
  • He does the most crazy statements about social life, politics, health, economy, humanity, prejudice, racism, tolerance… whatever!!!
  • He has absolutely no manners and he is inconvenient, with anyone that just dares to fight his “ideas” or cut his "speech"…
He simply is a dangerous man, without any interest or intelligence but, he was chosen...
What a waste!!!

I wonder why no one talks about the drama and poverty of the Atlantic City Casinos, where unemployment and depression are installed, for a long… but, quite recent time? 

From the Princess (that will always fight for Justice!)

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