Saturday, May 31, 2014

Linkin Park @ Rock in Rio Lisboa 2014... The magic of a stage...

Even I'm not a super fan of Linkin Park, I can recognize the magic of a great performance in stage, as also the capacity to interact with thousands and thousands of hungry fans.
All the elements were there with real hot music!
"We love to play here for you guys!"
Not a single soul can resist to that, mainly if the environment embraces you and defy you to be there on your own and also with all the others thousands around you!
Music, singing, painting, dancing, writing, performing on stage, they all are so different, and they all so similar.
All together or in single mode wake up our soul, our feelings, our deepest dreams, all our desires, and for sure, all our dreams, no matter how strange they are!
Art and Love are the most beautiful and fantastic live elements of the all World!
Just Love them, always!

from Princess!

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