Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ellen Degeneres Show

This post had to be written in English just in case Ellen catches it in some casual search, eheheh...
From now an than, I see her show in the Chanel 6 of Zone Cable TV, usually shows with, at least, one year delay but, that really doesn't matter as I a big fan from her communication power, from the way she approaches the people she interviews, no matter they are more or less famous or, just common people that no one in special really knows.
I like her joy, I like her way to move and dance and, most of all, I like the way she mix with the audience of her show.
She is a bit crazy and she shows her happiness, without any kind of visible discomfort. Above all, we can see and fill that she loves what she does, and that's a great gift.
This few words were the best way I found to express my admiration for her character and personality.
Hoppe someday, but any luck chance, we can cross our ways in any place.
Love you Ellen!

from the Princess!

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